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Like betahaus. But plus-er.

Not Currently Available for Purchase


Not Currently Available for Purchase

betahaus+: Your Digital Workspace + Community

A quick note!

betahaus+ is free of charge for all current betahaus members and free for one month for Alumni of betahaus | Kreuzberg & Neukölln. You must be invited via a custom link. If this is you, send an email to zoe@betahaus.de for an invite.

For updates on our global launch, follow us on Instagram.

Here's what you can do around here.

Connect with other innovators and misfits. Find people to collaborate with, meet other startups in your industry, or start conversations about whatever is on your mind. Our global network is 2,000+ strong, so if you're a freelancer, entrepreneur, startup, remote worker, or creative, there's definitely someone in the betahaus community for you to meet.

Learn from people across interests and industries. With your betahaus+ membership, you'll unlock access to online and offline events and one-on-one consultancy sessions created with entrepreneurs and startups in mind. You'll also gain access to our community forum where you can pitch the hard questions or get advice from other members. 

Work how you want to. With whoever you want to. From wherever you want to. betahaus+ is here to make everyone into an entrepreneur. It's a virtual workspace created to facilitate conversations, share job opportunities, learn from each other, and make connections, just like you would at one of our spaces. It's a platform to make the ride a little bit more fun.

The Perks of Being a Member

Curious about what being a member of betahaus+ includes? It's pretty sweet.

  • Exclusive 24/7 access to the betahaus+ online community network including Circles
  • Tons of online and offline events
  • Unlimited access to all betahaus Perks and Benefits
  • 1 day of coworking access per month

Some of the people in beta

Ready to give it a spin? Just scroll up! Someone from our team will review your application within 48 hours ☝️

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