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betahaus+: Your Digital Workspace + Community

Connect with other innovators and misfits. Find people to collaborate with, meet other people in your industry, or start conversations. Our global network is 2,000+ so if you're a freelancer, entrepreneur, startup, remote worker, or creative, there's someone in the betahaus community you should meet. 

Learn from people across all interests and industries. With your betahaus+ membership, you'll unlock access to online and offline events, one-on-one consultancy sessions, and be able to post your toughest questions to the community.

Work how you want to. With whoever you want to. From wherever you want to. betahaus+ is here to make everyone into more of an entrepreneur. We've created this space to facilitate conversation, job opportunities, knowledge sharing, and connection. 

A quick note!

 For the first 30 days, betahaus+ is only available to current members of betahaus | NK or KB. For updates on our global launch, follow us on Instagram.

The Perks of Being a Member

Curious about what being a member of betahaus+ includes? It's pretty sweet.

  • Exclusive access to the betahaus+ online community network incl. Topics, Events, Circles, and Workshops
  • Access to all betahaus Perks and Benefits
  • One day of coworking access per month.

Some of the people in beta

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